Can not import with MYSQL import


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Hi there,

Since I upgraded to the latest script I am unable to connect to my sq db, this is the error
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    CDbConnection failed to open the DB connection.
But I have not made any errors in the information
Thank you, It was working prior to the MailWhizz update, so can it still be something to my server as pose to the script?
Well, i haven't changed the mysql import code at all, so if something changed, it did in Yii Framework where things are a bit trickier to handle.
I'd say to look into your mysql logs and see the reason and fix it, like shown in the above link.
Could you take a screenshot from your mysql import screen when it fails and post it here, of course, hide sensitive data.
apologies, it was probably a temporary problem with my server as now it is working with ignore columns, I sound like such a noob, thank you for responding to my enquiry so fast.