can i use campayn api

i want to try and use campayn api to setup a delivery server im a noob i was able to set a couple up in mailwizz that were already listed but campayn wasn't listed.
maybe i asked wrong question if the delivery server you want to use isn't in the list in mailwizz what option do you choose
yes it isnt in the list when you click on create server so not sure what option you use
This is because it's not working like this. You don't create a delivery server for a campaign. You create a delivery server and it can be used for many things. You then can go to Backend > Settings > Customers > Servers and set "Can select delivery servers for campaigns" to Yes.
Then, when you create a campaign, you can select a delivery server to delivery it.
In the api, you can do this by creating a campaign like you normally do, and specify the delivery-server param, like:
$response = $endpoint->create(array(
    'name'          => 'My API Campaign', // required
    'type'          => 'regular', // optional: regular or autoresponder
    'delivery_server'   => '64', // 64 is the id of the server
im not sure you guys understood me is a website like mailjet etc.
im just not sure how you setup delivery server for other services that are not in the list when you click on create delivery server
what option do you choose i see php mail and pickup directory as options to click on beside the the services already built in you can select from.
Oh! Now it makes sense... that was not clear at all...
Any 3rd-party not in list must be setup as SMTP. Do you see the option in your list of delivery servers? if you don't, it is because your hosting has disabled a few PHP functions needed for this delivery server type to work. The functions are proc_open and popen. so in case your hosting has disabled them, have them enable them for you.
they say not disabled and told me to check out the link i posted. i performed the update last night now i have more options now in create delivery server menu going to try the smtp option u talked about
ok when going to set up delivery server via smtp option there is no place for api key. setting up mailjet was easy
just not sure what info to put in which box campayn just gives api key so does sendloop are these two not compatible or the right type of service or im just lost.
ok when going to set up delivery server via smtp option there is no place for api key
SmtP does not have an apI key, it has a hostname / username / password and port.
The email provider providing you smtp access must provide you these details.
ok F the ones not on the list im setting up amazon ses found real nice article and did what it said now i get message when validating server
Failed to authenticate on SMTP server with username "AKIAWDGB2SGH4TPUA6HH" using 2 possible authenticators
sorry for being a pain this is driving me nuts i have four servers up and running but getting number five up is some sort of wall i guess thanks for your help
deleted everything i did before and started over again and followed the article again and this time it worked don't know why and don't care it worked
just waiting on them to let me out of sandbox now.