Can I send Broadcast Emails tom Members

Lloyd Kim

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Hallo MailWizz Pals

I run a membership site where I sell the Mailwizz Software to members (SAAS) to help them Build their OWN Lists of subscribers as they wish.

My Question is:- Can I send Mass Broadcasts to my Members who have signed up to my Mailwizz Software? (NOT SUBSCRIBERS)

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Thanks alot sendmedialtd.
I appreciate Your help with this.

I have a new project running on MailWizz and so am trying to get around the features.

I have about 150,000 customers which I intend to grow to 500,000 - 1,000,000 in next ONE year or two.

Am wondering whats the best Server Set Up to Send Scheduled or Instant Broadcast Emails to such a big databases and ensure they go hit the Inboxes of the members in the Shortest time Possible.

Kindly am requesting for Inputs and advice on this.
I think you best option would be to Export your Customers and then upload them as a List, that way you have more options when emailing your customers like setting the delivery server, tracking urls, bounce etc...

As for making sure they go in the Inbox and not spam thats all down to a number of things such as IP reputation, content, emailing signing/delivery and a few other things.
Thanks sendmedialtd for Quick response

That sounds a good suggestion..

1) Am I able to Automate the process through Customisation by a programmer so that as my List of Customers grows they are Automatically added to my Particulat List that I will have created for the Purpose of Contacting my Customers

2) BETTER Still Can my SYSTEM be Customized to Add the "LIST" Features to the Customers Group so I can Set Scheduled/Timed Broadcasts or Emails, Track Delivery and Open Rates and Set Autoresponder Emails to go Out to the Customer Group.

I Would really appreciate if Someone can Point me in the right direction on this and I would be happy to engage a reasonably Well priced but Knowledgable Person for this Task.

Cheers to ALL
Anything can be done if you pay for it haha, you can post your request in the Job Offerings forum as theres a few people that can do this for you on the forum :)
How to change the default sending email ID for Mass Emails to my customers and users?
Mass emails are sent with which delivery server is allowed to sent these mass emails (transactional emails) so if you want to change email id you need to change this in your delivery server.