can access backend but get invalid login details on frontend


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Hi @twisted1919

just setup a new host for mailwizz, installed latest version,
created user (at
and when i try login in to frontend i'm getting - invalid login credentials.
i tried copying a new password hash for it straigh to mw_user / tried to create a new user from backend
but still no success...
what can be the issue here?

should i just re-install?
Then you're doing something wrong somewhere, otherwise the above will work just fine.
You could try a dirty thing, open apps/backend/controllers/GuestController.php and make the init() method look like:
public function init()
    $this->getData('bodyClasses')->add('hold-transition login-page');
    // add this:
And the access and you will get a white page with some text in it, that's the hash, something like $P$G1ZXA2doGbu/SjY5d.6nhtp9b9WyHP.
You take it and put it in the database, then try to login with 1234567890 as password, of course, after you remove the code you have added in the GuestController at the first step above.