Campaigns stuck on pending-sending - all configuration checked

Yotam Hoffmann

New Member
Hi All ,

I have just installed mailwizz , and approved the delivery server , spf+dkim working , campaigns are stuck in the pending-sending status , and I have contacted the hosting provider , they have checked the cron jobs , removed the "echo * * * * 2 * " part claiming its not needed , and approved that the cron jobs are correct and the paths are also , php version also fine ,

please assist , they have requested me to contact you as they claim everything is fine on the server end.

Thanks ,
Ok, those cron jobs are not correct. You need to edit them and remove the " >> mwcron part from all of them.
You can see the correct cron jobs in Backend -> Misc -> Cron jobs list, so use those as a reference.
Then, the frequency of the cron jobs is wrong, for example the send-campaigns cron jobs is set to run at first minute of each hour, that measn once an hour which is wrong. It has to run in each minute of each hour.
Take a screenshot from Backend -> Misc -> Cron jobs list and give it tp your host and make them set your crons like shown there.
Hi one more question please, we would like the unsubscribe link to match the delivery domain , or at least be different then the domain on which mailwizz is installed , can this be done?