Campaigns Pausing!

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I have a running Campaign but its pausing when it reach 5%, if I select to resume, it stop gain, what does that mean ?

This is a sign of improper group permissions(or backend -> settings -> customers permissions) over sending quota and timeframe allowed for the quota usage.

A campaign is paused when the customer to which the campaign belongs, reaches the sending quota, so check that together with the time period and adjust properly.

I'm having this same problem but the client is not even close to quota which is q million emails per month. on the customers list it shows 0.72% (7,154/1,000,000) under sending quota usage.

Once we start a campaign it will say sending 0%. when we refresh the page to see if it's sending, the status continues to be switched back to paused. He has an active working delivery server, which we rechecked and re-validated to make sure. And we got the validation emails via his delivery server properly.

Also, in another thread I saw you say if quota is not full to 1005, check the time period. I have the quota set to 1 million emails every 1 month. He has sent less than 8,000 emails ever.

The other setting I verified is that the customer is not active. And he's not, it shows him as active in the backend.

What else can I check?

Thanks for your help!
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