Campaigns keeps Unpausing itself


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I have 2 campaigns sending, iv paused both of them. I've noticed that when i pause a campaign it gets marked as paused but when i check the Campaigns Delivery Log i see emails still sending, im guessing thats because the current process is finishing sending its mail and once finished it will stop. It does but then the campaign starts Sending again even though i didnt select the campaign to Resume. When i check the campaigns the status had changed from Pause to Sending/Processing. But i never told the campaign to Resume/Unpause.

Why is my campaign unpausing itself and how do i stop it?


Edit: I'm starting to wonder if the Hourly Quota has something to do with this issue, as the campaign that keeps unpausing itself is using Amazon SES as the delivery server and i put a 10,000 /hr quota on it. So not sure if this is what is making the campaign unpause itself? I've deleted the cron job used to send the campaigns which has stopped the campaign from unpausing itself. But would like to have this issue resolved before i place the cron back as active.
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