Campaigns becomes paused out of no where, everyday even with unlimited sending quota!

Alex N

New Member

I have a really annoying issue where my campaigns become paused like if they reached a maximum quota.

That happens every 24h or so... And I think the issue occurs just passed midnight.
I will need to double verify this.

And that happens no matter if I just have one or multiple campaigns running.

Now, check this out:

1- Everytime I try to unpause my campaigns, they get back to the paused status.
2- BUT as soon as I reset the sending quota of the customer (me), even if the group where I reside in has NO quota limits, the campaigns restart!!!


That is pretty wicked...

So, no quota specified (i.e.: unlimited email sending)

Then when we reset the quota, that unstuck the campaigns.

So I really don't know if this is an official bug... it looks like it is one.

But of course, I'm not the expert :)

Would love to know what is causing this because
from now on, I always need to reset my quota
even if I didn't specify any for myself.