Campaign take too long before they triggered.

Jesse James

Hey guys,

I have noticed that the campaign stays "Pending-sending" for too long sometimes more then 30 min
before they triggered.
am using the Directory Pickup and Daemon to as Delivery Server

can you please help me out
I guess you found out by now why :)

Anyway, i decided to remove the addition of those 30 minutes when a campaign is scheduled.
This not just will make the campaign start sending at the next cron job run after it is saved(that is pretty much in same minute after save), but also removes the need of having a "Send now" button that has been requested a while back.

Yea, LOL,
Thank you so much for the help buddy.
I'll try it now.
can you please keep me posted once you have updated the application. so I can test it out
Thank you very much