Campaign status pending


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I've created a test campaign but it's in pending status.
How can i force sending ?

Thanks in advance.
The cron it's ok!
But the campaign was sent after 22 minutes.
Where can i config this delay ?

i've found this field Send at and i've changed the value. ;)
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This really isn't a simple question, depends on so many factors.
You could start by telling me your server specs (ram/hdd/cpu), your php version, your mysql version, what else is running on that server beside mailwizz and finally, what provider are you currently using for sending those emails?
CPU:2 vCores

On Centos 7 with php 5.4.16 , mysql 5.5.40 mariadb and only mailwizz installed.

For send mail i'm using postfix.
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You are sending emails using what type of server?
What's the speed you are getting now (emails/minute)?

Anyway, in Backend -> Settings -> Cron try the following:
Campaigns at once => 10
Subscribers at once=> 300
Send at once=> 0
Pause=> 5
Emails per minute=> 0
Change server at=> 0

Anyway, keep in mind that at 2GB of RAM you won't get very far.

I've default settings, and now i've follow your settings.
I can upgrade my vps to
CPU: 4 vCores
HDD: 100GB

Don't upgrade your VPS, there's no need for this just yet.
Test with my settings and see how that goes.
Also, take into consideration the latency between the smtp server and web server, if applies.
It's a good choice.
Keep in mind they have a small tolerance for bounces(just like any other service provider out there), so keep an eye on your campaigns while sending through amazon ses.
Use the Amazon SES WEB API integration from mailwizz, and take a look at:
in order to understand how to create your amazon ses user.

If you are using the amazon api, then you don't need to have a bounce server anymore, mailwizz will create a sns topic by itself where will receive all bounces/complaints/etc notifications and will act against them so go with the web api :)