campaign status: pending-sending for many hours

Karim Nadi

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Users starts many campaigns for small lists approx 1k each, but all are in pending_sending, there are hundreds of campaigns like this for many hours.

@seigo - Have you trying what twisted said above?
For better communication please post in english.
(uiserver):u98764657:~$ /usr/bin/php -q /homepages/1/d800536572/htdocs/Clients/mailwizz/apps/console/console.php send-campaigns --verbose
<br />
<b>Parse error</b>: syntax error, unexpected T_NEW in <b>/homepages/1/d80053657 2/htdocs/Clients/mailwizz/apps/init.php</b> on line <b>116</b><br />
i Don't understand why this error! problem of bootstrap ?!?!?
Thanks you
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@seigo - at line 116 we have:
throw new Exception('Invalid framework bootstrap file.');
So you are using a super old version of php, if i had to put money on it i would dare to say php 5...
what does this command says when you run it:
/usr/bin/php -v
with php 7.!! I was able to send my messages. I reloaded the CRON links on crontab (ionos hebergeur) and everything worked
thank you for everything.
@seigo - Mailwizz is designed to work with php >= 5.2 but really, do yourself a good and use php >= 7.0. The availability of some of the app features depends highly on your PHP version, this is why we recommend using at least PHP 7.0

All server requirements are specified on envato:
Server requirements
  • Linux operating system (windows might work but not supported)
  • Apache Webserver – version 2.x
  • PHP >= 5.2 (php >= 7.0 recommeded for high delivery speed)
  • MySQL(>= 5.1) or MariaDB, with InnoDB storage engine.
  • Cron Jobs access (linux cron jobs not web crons)