Campaign show 100% send Problem


i have create a campaign and add 13 lists. After the save and send action the application creates 1 Merged list with all those subscribers. At the end shows that send 100% but if u look at overview havent send nowhere...

What is the problem ... it doesnt give me an error or something
Anyone have an idea>?

UPDATE: i made another compaign from scrach and i add only one list and all went fine... Something happening when i add more list

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I had twisted .... there was nothing. Only when i create new one with one list send. In any other case was show that was 100% send but nothing was in the delivery logs...

Maybe the problem is when bind all lists in one merged .... is there a way not to happened that ?
Since the update ( I have this experience.
interesting, because if you copy the campaign and start sending again, it is good.
I thought the SMTP service, but it is not only I have this problem.

this is only a problem because the campaign schedules, but not sure that was actually sent.
Unfortunately I had to go out to the east and realized I did not go out 2 days ago...
Yeah, we have found the issue and fixed it, will make an update available as soon as possible.