campaign randomly stops



my campaign randomly stopped sending at 5,000 subscribers sent.

I have tried my best to get it going again but i can't at all, i have been checking settings in the backend and the cron jobs.

in my server CP, the cron jobs are present however typing 'crontab -l' it turns up no cron jobs :S. Does anyone think this could be cause? Seems fairly likely to me but want to double check before creating them by command line

tried verbose command and this was output;

# /usr/bin/php -q /home/admin/web/ send-campaigns --verbose=1
[2015-10-01 16:25:11] Starting the send-campaigns command...
[2015-10-01 16:25:11] No campaign found for processing!

this is what happens to the campaign when trying to restart it, just gets stuck.

i think its a cron issue, but i'm not 100% sure how to check they are working properly, or even there (outside of cpanel)
@Jason - Does crontab -l -u admin shows anything mailwizz related?
If it does, then crontab -e -u admin and disable the send-campaigns cron. Then go in backend and reset your campaigns status (pause/unpause them) then try the verbose command.
You say your campaigns stop at an exactly 5k subscribers, maybe this is also the number of subscribers you have set in backend -> Settings -> Cron -> Subscribers at once (or even higher, i've seen 10k) and because it's too much, the processing dies, so check that too.

so i entered that command, it showed my MW crons, i disabled the send campaigns and tryed the verbose command. It still returned the output;

[2015-10-01 16:45:12] Starting the send-campaigns command...
[2015-10-01 16:45:12] No campaign found for processing!

I had set the subscribers in the backend to 10k, adjusted it back to 5k and this seems to have gotten it moving now, so its working. I must have just killed it with too many subscribers. Whats the limit on this? Directly related to system memory?

although next to tackle is my outgoing speeds i think! Doing about 60/min outgoing

thanks for your help
If you have disabled the send-campaigns command, then who's sending your emails ? :) [ you say sending started, how? ]
5k is still way to much, 500/1000 is much better. since all these records have to be loaded in memory and if you send 10 campaigns at once you'll kill that server for good. less is more in this case ;)
i put the cron back in again after testing

cool, I will lower it and give it a test!

Would i be able to install parallel processing during a mid campaign send if i just paused up the campaign?

i've installed parallel processing okay, but do i need to delete the cron for the original sending script?
apps/console/console.php send-campaigns >/dev/null 2>&1
Yes, this is stated in that how-to, that you have to disable send-campaigns, otherwise your subscribers will receive same email multiple times.