Campaign paused


I would like to know if is it possible to find out what happened to a specific campaign. A customer is asking me why some campaign has been in pause for a long time. I would like to find any log, like... Was it any administrator or even the customer? What if was the machine? I was trying to search into mysql database for action logs, but the only thing different I saw as two scheduled records. I think when a campaign is created it is automatically schedule to send a campaign, right? There is no option to schedule for any other date, I have hidden the option long time ago. Currently the system sends around 200 campaigns every single day, that was the first time to happen it. Thank you one more time!
Erik, what is the status of the campaign, if it's Paused, then the customer has paused it. If it's stuck in Processing then it probably needs a kickstart. If it is pending-sending and just hasn't sent, make sure the timezone for the customer is correct and it's not sending in a different timezone and (sounds silly) check the actual scheduled date and time, sometimes it's easy to get it wrong and not realise.