Campaign look like is sent 100% but emails are not delivered


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Campaign look like is sent 100% but emails are not delivered.
I noticed that because in the report I had 0% open emails of a campaign (normally I have about 20% - 40%). I then test it to send it to myself to in a test list with 4 emails of mine. I sent the campaign and it delivers (to me) only some of the emails and specifically only those that are under the same domain as the email I use in the delivery servers. The rest emails did not delivered at all.

So, when I am trying to send a campaign to a list with my clients, no emails are delivered, though it seems like 100% sent.

The server is active (both the Delivery Server, the Bounce Server and Feedback Loop Servers) and I have tried on the delivery Server port 25, 26 and 587 with protocol to None, but nothing is working. It use to work fine with 26.

Any ideas?

Thank you!
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@Thodoris - Have you checked Backend > Misc > Campaign Delivery Logs after you have sent your campaign?
if mailwizz fails to deliver, you'll see there why.