Campaign is not being delivered


Hi, after installing and configuring the server I prepared the launch of the first campaign.
The campaign was set to deliver a couple hours ago, but it's still in the wait state.
What is more weird is the time set for the delivery (see here ones I launched the campaign the time displayed in the send date was already an expired time (according to my server's time).
Is this normal? Should I wait any longer?
If it's not normal am I doing something wrong or could it be an install problem?
Regarding delivery servers I set a PHP server and it seems to work as it sends test campaign emails.
Thanks for your help
Thanks twisted, I reviewed the file, I thought about cron, but they were installed using cPanel, so I doubt the path is wrong, plus I reviewed them after adding.
I am not 100% sure about the path to the console.php file which triggers the console commands is wrong. but this is a first time fresh install so it should not be a problem.
Also point 3) should not be an issue as this is the first campaign.
Finally, if I send a campaign at 15:20 why the send date is set before at 12:11 isn't this weird?
Sorry to bother on saturday but this campaign is very urgent.
Thanks, Carlo