Campaign is being pauzed

When our customer complained about being unable to send out a scheduled campaign and after every effort to resume the campaign it would be paused again. As a first call of action I reset their sending quota and that fixed it but it is very odd! They are only halfway through their quota 34204 out of 75000 emails and their email list they are trying to send to contains only 2400 email addresses.

They are a part of a group with following settings:
Sending quota used: 34204
Sending quota: 75000
Time value: 30
Time unit: days
Wait for quota to expire: Yes
Action when quota reached: Do nothing, customer will not be able to send more emails
Hourly quota: 0

As far as I see there is no reason why the quota would get in the way of sending since it wasn't even close to the set limit.

Any has had a similar situation and know of a fix?

Maybe it was because those 30 days passed and even if the guy still had sendings, the quota expired because those 30 days passed too.
I think I may have made a mistake and answered my own question.

Wait for quota to expire is set to: Yes
Action when quota reached is set to: Do nothing, customer will not be able to send more emails
which obviously means that once it expires, they will be unable to send more emails and so needs to be set up to "Reset the counters for a fresh start".

Although I must say, it would have been great to have some sort of visual feedback for the system admin in the form of a status message saying that the quota has expired so we know at a glance.