callback in the background after user action (eg unsubscribe)


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I can not understand how can I make a get (to url in my site) from mailwizz in the background after a user has clicked on the unsubscribe link.
For example:
1. the user clicks on the link to unsubscribe newsletter
2. in the background the application calls an url (to the main site) with the email information that has been unsubscribed in order to update the user information in the main site.

NOTE: as the IPN call that does paypal to understand

can someone help me?

thank you
@Manovra76 - If you go to your mailwizz app in backend > extend > extensions and enable the "List form custom webhooks" extension, then you go to your email list as a customer and select the Unsubscribe Confirm page, you'll see you can now add a new webhook for that page. What this means is that when a subscriber unsubscribes, mailwizz will POST the subscriber data to the webhook url you have entered.
Thanks, I enabled the extension, but do not understand where configure WebHook. I do not find the correct interface.

Have a look here (zoomed to fit) :
Screenshot 2017-01-17 18.27.26.png

The url to it is: http://[DOMAIN]/customer/index.php/lists/[LIST_UID]/page/unsubscribe-confirm
replace [DOMAIN] with your domain name and [LIST_UID] with the 13 chars unique list id.