Caching Issues?


Had a campaign that ran today and I noticed that the some users got emails which was not even related to them? Also, another user who did not even have a URL got URL links within his email.
Well basically all the tags are replaced with their own values and the one user i had set up for example did not even have the URL in it, however, he got an email with 3 posts, btw am using the xml feed template; so ideally eg the xml tag would get replaced with that specific user, but in this case I had not even setup the api url
TBH, I don't really understand what you mean. If you can open a support ticket and send access and steps for us to reproduce this on your end, we can try and see what is going on.

As requested I have opened a High priority ticket with all the requested information. Please check and let me know since this is a very high priority item for our campaigning