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1) In each letter I put the tag [UNSUBSCRIBE_URL]. When you click on this hyperlink the subscriber gets to the page where he is invited to confirm the rejection of the mailing. That is, to unsubscribe, the subscriber needs to do 1 click on the hyperlink in the email tagged as [UNSUBSCRIBE_URL], and then go on to make this link more 1-click to confirm your cancellation. That is, it turns out 2 clicks. I need to do to the subscriber could unsubscribe in 1 click.

2)I need to do that in every letter dobavyalis date and IP-address from which the subscriber has subscribed to the newsletter.
#2 Didn't understand the question.
#2 Example: The user subscribes to the newsletter "Weight Loss" 09/01/2016 22.43 with ip-addresses When a user begins to receive letters, in the basement of each letter should be written: "You are receiving this newsletter because it subscribed to 09/01/2016 22.43 with ip-addresses» This is required by some email services, otherwise the letter fall into the spam.
#2 You are receiving this newsletter because you subscribed to the list "[LIST_NAME]" on "[SUBSCRIBER_DATE_ADDED]" or "[SUBSCRIBER_DATE_ADDED_LOCALIZED]" from the IP address "[SUBSCRIBER_IP]".