Buy(offering) Remote PowerMTA bounce Processor Extension(Modification) via accounting file

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Hello everyone
Guys you must have faced a problem in processing bounces using default method of Mailwizz Bounce Server
Mailwizz is awesome(Thanks to @twisted1919 ) but Processing bounces by reading inbox of bounce return path email id using pop3/IMAP takes a lot of time and resources. many times it stuck and some time there are some false positive depending upon ISP response code/PMTA settings.. I am hereby not complaining about Mailwizz. it is the standard way of processing bounces as done in MailWizz. almost every emailing application do it in same manner.


if you are using PowerMTA then...we have a bounce processor which Processes bounces asynchronously using PowerMTA accounting file...
it can process thousands of bounces per soon as bounce is detected it will be marked and updated in your Mailwizz..immediately

what it do..

1. Process bounces as lighting fast speed.
2. You can decide on which response code the email will Marked as Soft Bounce/Hard Bounce/ or No Bounce..
3. it 99.99% accurate.
4. it has a facility that one PowerMTA can process bounces of many Mailwizz Install if you have multiple install running of Mailwizz(you need to purchase separate licence for each install from @twisted1919 )
5. you have full control ISP Error Response code to Mark them HARD/SOFT or No Bounce on your own scenario .
6. no need to test bounce by sending a email on invalid email id like or smting. we have configured a domain like '' so all email sent to this domain will be bounced (you can choose Hard Bounce/Soft Bounce no Bounce). no email will be released from your PMTA system to test bounces on but bounces will be marked. you can set your own convention or domain to test bounces(we have set it to So when ever you want to test your mailwizz install and PMTA to check if bounces are working fine or not just send a email to this domain ( i.e, will be bounced immediately.
7. Important it helps when your IP is rate limited by the ISP or temporary Blocked or if your email is expired in the powerMTA queue (whn you have set bounce-after time in your config and message still not delivered due to any reason) then it will be hard bounce by default which is actually a false positive. just to over come this you can not set when to bounce..soft/hard/or no bounce
8. now you can set any number of return path domain(SMTP mail from with out need of adding bounce server
9. no need to create a inbox account(like or to process bounces...)
10. now you can set customers domain as a return path domain to save your reputation and use customer reputation to decide about mail landing inbox/spam (in our case we had/have one very good customer whose reputation was very high and his volume was in millions a day and our Domain was not warmed up so we set his domain as return path domain which also build reputation of our IPs as well). default mailwizz has no such facility return path domain are set using bounce servers which can be only ours own as you have to receive bounce information as an emails on it
11. it also send bounce category information as well along with your bounce error code to mailwizz.
12 . it works well if you have a multiple install of mailwizz running on single IP i.e etc).

How it is works:
it has 2 parts
1st it works at your PowerMTA Install. it sends webhook to your post in JSON format to your Mailwizz install about the bounce information.
2nd . it works at your mailwizz install it receives information from JSON POST data sent by PowerMTA and mark bounces in your DATAbase as native Mailwizz.

if you need it i can offer you @ $ 200 USD

FYI: it took me almost 8 moths since i have stared learning about PowerMTA and Mailwizz by myself. i have almost tried/Played with 90% features and configuration of PowerMTA by reading its 330 Pages user Guide. and i am still learning i have developed my own Software using Micrsoft Excel to build and generate PowerMTA configuration file for 1000+ IPs 1000 VMTAs on single each server. i am managing powerMTA servers with 20000+ IPs. i have done practice and installed PowerMTA from scratch more than 500 times some time in last 8 months or some time 10 times a day. after this much practice & experience i have developed a solution to process bounces. its working fine in our production system where more than 300000 bounces are detected every day.
We have developed it for our own datacenter and mailing system and system and now i feel that if it can be offered to some others users of Mailwizz who want this facility.

there is no point of reinventing the wheel again if you can get it in just $ 200USD. it will help us in developing more features in it.

So Now lets come to the point

Before you think about purchasing. Let me clear you following things.
1. i ll just offer few files with readme information. in a zip
2. your 2 -3 files of your Mailwizz install will be altered as we have to add our own functions/controllers. you can take a backup of original files for future.
3. your powerMTA Config file will be added with some more code and some configuration will be modified (only bounce pattern information) no other configuration will be altered for sure.
4. you should have cURL & http/apache working on your PowerMTA with php5 and above.
5. some x-headers will be added in your powerMTA smtp servers..(it will help in processing bounces)
6. we will get it install for your for additional 50 USD. (i need your Mailwizz FTP & PowerMTA root access)
7. delivery immediate after payment if you opt for install it from us then in 99.99% cased it will work but if it dont work for you then i ll refund the payment (full both extension + install).
8. if your PowerMAT server is busy in sending email then also i can install by pausing all queue for few minutes to test install so you email delivery will not stuck.
I don't really understand why this needs to be so overcomplicated. In my opinion it should be as simple as:
1) Use PowerMTA pipe feature to push bounce records into a PHP script. This is a PMTA standard feature and many plugins use it
2) The PHP script will know (based on sender-email, source IP or VMTA/VMTA-pool that a bounce originated from MailWizz)
3) The PHP script will then just call the MailWizz API to unsubscribe the email from all contact lists (

There is absolutely no reason to even touch a MailWizz installation by using the APIs. This works perfectly fine and the PHP code on the Port25 will not be longer than 100 lines. I will probably Github our plugin when I get some time.
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