BulkEmailChecker Not Blacklisting

Aron Prins


I installed the bulk email verifier extension and sending emails. Updating the API url worked but it is not unsubscribing/blacklisting the emails.

How can I fix this?

@twisted1919 See attachements...

I don't understand why this happens :(


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@Aron Prins - The fact you cannot add an email to the list means the extension is working.
For the empty blacklist, keep in mind the backend has a blacklist, which is global, and then customers have blacklist too, so make sure you are in the right place.
Hey @twisted1919

The screenshot provided is of my "customer" panel blacklist so I'm in the right place - When the error shows up, shouldn't the email be added to the blacklist?

Also, I sent out a campaign (partially) and on bulkemailchecker.com it shows the credits are taken away and the emails checked, yet the failed checks are not added to the blacklist.

Is this how it's supposed to work? Essentially, I hoped it would check the email, add it to the blacklist if it bounced etc, and then wouldn't be checked again on bulkemailchecker.com everytime to save credits?

Thanks for your help so far :)

@Aron Prins - Your assumption is correct, the email should be added to the email blacklist, BUT to the global email blacklist not to the one of the customer from which you have taken the screenshot.