BulkEmailChecker Extension Problem


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I just installed mailwizz bulkemailchecker extension, and tested importing 3 lists with about 10.000 emails each. It seems to stalls between 1.000 and 2.000 records checked , and then finish importing my lists without verifying the rest of my list.

I´m using ( http://api-v4.bulkemailchecker.com ) with list import via MySQL database.
Is there a solution for this? Any logs available after import?
I just found out the max rate to verify tru api per hour is 1.500. So when it reaches this it closes the conections.
That extension only useful for small lists.
@Ricardo - enabling the extension at import is also not a good idea, best is to enable it at subscribe time and clean your huge list directly at the provider.
Ok, thanks. It would be great if automated process to check 1.500 email per hour for specific lists or bulk table.