BulkEmailChecker errors


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I purchased BulkEmailChecker, and I purchased 50.000 credits on their site.
I also gave the necessary details for it to work such as the API key and the updated API URL.
Although I think I configured it correctly, I am havin trouble verifying my lists.
I have a list with 37k subscribers that is a bit too old and I want to "clean" before sending email.
I created a test customer, gave him the right to use the extension, and set it up to verify the list upon importing it. On importing it works for the first 500-1500 records and then something fails, while on exporting, it does not start using the credits on from the API at all.

I know there is a 1500 hourly limit for checking, that's why I thought setting the verification process in importing or exporting is the best idea, though none of them works!

What should I do? Any suggestions or Ideas, or am I doing something wrong ?

@Valter - Here's what i think it happens, since we validate each email that gets imported, each validation might take a few seconds, and your server has a timeout limit per request so that if a request takes longer than x seconds, the server will stop it.
Usually the timeout is set to 60 seconds, you can increase this from the server settings apache/nginx and php, or you can try with even a smaller amount of subscribers at once, maybe 100 at once will do it.