Bulk Email Checker extension

Jesse James

Hey guys!

I have installed and configured Bulk Email Checker extension, purchased some credit in bulkemailchecker.com

but I could not figure how to work it out! I tried adding subscribers email per email I tried importing list but
none of the emails were checked!

Can you please help to get the extension working ?

Ok, so for some reason the login at https://panel.bulkemailchecker.com/login/ does not work. Can you confirm?
Anyway, since i had a valid api key anyway, i decided to try this so i enabled the extension, added the api key and logged into a customer account from where i selected a list and added an email address inside and saved it. Of course i got an error in my case, so that the email is invalid, but then, at the next email, i could add it successfully and i didn't knew why, so i went to /backend/index.php/misc/application-log and i saw:
2016/01/13 08:45:07 [error] [application] BulkEmailChecker extension: There are no credits on the account to verify an email address.
in /home/domain/public_html/apps/extensions/bulk-email-checker/BulkEmailCheckerExt.php (128)
in /home/domain/public_html/apps/common/components/managers/HooksManager.php (320)
in /home/domain/public_html/apps/common/models/EmailBlacklist.php (366)
So this makes it clear. Have a look in your log and see if this applies to you too.
keep in mind that when situations like the above happens, the extension is disabled automatically. When you add more credit, you'll have to enable it again.
One more thing, keep in mind that extensions like this one runs as the last check, after the subscriber is checked against the global blacklist from database and after it is checked against blacklist regexes and so on ;)