Bulk Action from Source not working


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I had 8 lists with 10,000 emails each. I merged them together, and then I sent a campaign to these 80,000 people. Then a few days later I created a followup email campaign to send to these same people. But first I want to delete from this list everyone who replied to campaign #1. I have a csv containing only the emails (not the other 2 columns that the campaign used) of the 5,000 people who replied. I went to the merged list and clicked 'bulk action from source" and selected the csv of replied emails. But nothing happened. The subscriber count didn't change at all. Why is this? I already tried disabling "check mime type" and it made no difference.
@Gizmo321 - that should work as you have described. Can you PM me with the file and the details about the list you want to unsubscribe from so that i can try that myself on your app? (don't forget login info)