Adrian Lew

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I am using different delivery servers, mandrill, sendgrid. Should I handle the bounces with them or with my web host?

will mandrill and other sendgrid safe bounces so the don't go out again?

or is is mailwizz doing this for me ? Its a little bit confusing. If using diferent delivery servers should I use my webhost smtp for bounces?


Depends if you are using the web api's or SMTP services from Mandrill & sendgrid. If you are using the web apis then you don't need to set-up bounce servers, that would be the preferred way to do it.

If you are using SMTP you should set-up a separate bounce server for each delivery server to keep it clean.

New here, but noticed issue - using sendgrid api- I have a silver plan - only issue is the emails in mailwizz all show as sent. But in sendgrid there are bounced.

I have removed the server, and recreated it (based on instructions on the sendgrid API at top of page. but still same issue, showing all as delivered with no bounces.

AM I doing anything wrong? or will the bounces not pull back into mailwizz?

bounce in sendgrid.PNG

nobounce.PNG nobounce.PNG bounce in sendgrid.PNG