Bounces not Working, Sendgrid Web API Webhooks Not Working


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I have Setup Mailwizz and its working via Sendgrid Web API, Upgraded my Plan to the "Pro 100K" Dedicated IP Pro Plan, I then followed Advice I found on the Internet and Removed the Delivery Server in Mailwizz, Created a New API Key and Re-Added the Sendgrid Server in Delivery Servers, Did this 3-4 Times as Common Advice was that once you Upgraded to a Premium Account and Readded the Server, Sendgrid would Create the Webhooks however the Webhooks remain Disabled "Inactive" in Sendgrid.

Anyone know how to make this Process Work? Cant Figure this one Out :( and I can't find anything on the Internet that Addresses this Issue.
I can manually enable them in Sendgrid in Settings > Mail Settings > Event Notification however it asks me for a HTTP Post URL ??? and to Select Which Actions to Report ??? (All, Processed, Dropped, Deferred, Delivered, Bounced, Opened, Clicked, Unsubscribed From, Mark as Spam, ASM Group Unsubscribe and ASM Group Resubscribe)

I thought the Web API was Suppose to Add the Webhook Automatically??
@Shauno1983 - This is weird, the webhooks should have been created automatically, like this:
Screenshot 2017-03-30 19.20.32.png
If you don't know what the webhook url is, edit your delivery server, and in the edit screen, press the little INFO icon from the right corner of the screen, that will tell you the url.