Bounces are not being updated



I migrated to a different domain. Everything went well. I use mandrill for sending. I setup my crons and all but when I did my test campaign i purposely put two bad emails in them. In the Mandrill backend, I see the two bounces but in the campaign overview it shows no bounces.

Thanks for your help
@Eric535 - make sure that in your mandrill account, in the webhooks section, you have the correct updated url.
Mailwizz will try to create this automatically for you, so adding the server once again should fix the issue.
Otherwise, if you try to edit the delivery server from mailwizz, in the edit screen you have a little info icon in the right side of the page. Clicking it will show you the webhook url that you have to add in your mandrill settings.
@twisted1919 Went into the mandrill webhooks and you were right. Had my original domain on there. Deleted the old mandrill delivery server and created it again. Now i see my new domain in there. Thanks.

But what about my test campaign I did earlier? Will the bounced emails update with the new delivery server I created? Or do I have to send another test campaign?