Bounces And Sendgrid


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Hello to all,
I have setup a sendgrid account and i connected to the mailwizz through webapi. The only problem that i have is that I can't see the bounces in the statistics. Is there an extra configuration that I have to do?

Thank you all
Thank you @twisted1919 . I have one final question.
I create a campaign with a list of 1000 subscribers.
Can the campaign stop automatically if the bounces are 10% of the list?
Thank you
@twisted1919 If you put this feature in the app will be the best app in the web!!
And one last question. About the drag and drop editor. It will be in a next update?
Thank You!!
@Dimitris - Will try adding it at some point.
As for Drag And drop editor, there's a thread on it's own related to it. It will be a separate add-on.
Is this feature available where if bounce reachers a certail percentage, the campaign should be stopped or paused...??