Bounce Server never catching up / not working

Jamie Whittingham

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Hi guys and girls

So my bounce server never seems to get caught up (not even close)

I see it running but it never actually gets finished it would appear.

I have one customer who got zero 0 bounces which is not possible and that was days ago yet the bounce script still says its running.

@twisted1919 is there any verbose command I can run to get this working and see whats happening please?

thanks all
I see that --verbose does nothing when running the bounce command from the cli

Is there some kind of counter I can see the check the bounce script is actually working?

Please keep in mind we have 1,000's of users so large amounts of bounces

The bounce handler might hang for whatever reasons... so you can run a ps aux | grep 'bounce-handler' and see since when it's running. If it's running for too long, kill it from command line, then go to Backend > Misc > Emergency actions and reset the bounce servers status, then run the bounce handler manually from command line and watch backend > misc > campaigns bounce logs to see if it adds logs.