Bounce server: How to ?


The question of the day :)
How to set up a server bounce?

I have 5 VPS for sending emails. They work very well.
They send emails correctly, no spam :)

But I have no idea how to create a bounce server.

Can you help me ?
What MTAs do you use ?

Generally, you should get the bounced back emails to the inbox of the sender (Most probably the "Return-Path" address).
Then, you should be having any IMAP/POP server (Dovecot for example in Linux) installed on these servers for MW to connect to the above said inboxes and to fetch those bounce reports/emails.
Once you have an IMAP/POP server ready, go to Servers > Bounce servers and create bonce servers with the details asked.
Once the users are successfully authenticated, you should see MW processing bounces properly.
To avoid security risks (like someone hacking your server/sender/bounce/fbl/etc email addresses), you can use forwarding email addresses and hence keep the real inboxes hidden, plus you can fwd yourself all these emails, as you choose, so that you have backups of what happened, should you ever need proof, and if eg bounce processing deletes all messages, but it did not execute all (and similar for other processes).