Bounce Server getting stuck

So exactly what it says it will work for a few days and then it gets stuck on cron-running and emails pile up. How do I fix this because its killing me. It only started after I updated the server to the latest version. Additionally there is no alert that it's stuck so I have to continually log in and check it which is a pain.
@Mike Oltmans - So you're using right now and still have this issue with the bounce handler getting stuck?

Today i've seen a similar issue, bounce is processing and i can see it through backend logs, but at the customer's campaigns stats; it is showing 0 bounces. it is not reporting to customer, can you help?

i am on the 1.3.8 latest.

It certainly helps the bounce processing speed to have the option to use pcntl. Where can one adjust how many processes will run in parallel for the bounce processing only? The reason behind this is to avoid overloading the imap/pop3 on the mwz server, when it should be mainly concerned with offloading mailings to DS'.
oops... @twisted1919 I have updated my server to that is the latest available to me on the site.

I am still getting this issue, I have setup the bounce email to flush the emails every day at midnight so they don't get backed up. Can I give you my login details and have you take a look? It is currently stuck on cron-running.