Bounce server error: Connection refused



Where might be the problem with this,
Can't connect to,143: Connection refused

I was able to make delivery server without problems.
Is it postfix error or what ? so i know where to look solution.
I have fresh iredadmin installation, only setting which i have done,
I added my mailwizz ip to postfix mynetworks section.

I have tried all the port variations at mailwizz
scan your smtp host with a port scanner, i.e nmap, and see what ports are actually opened.
The error you get is saying that there isn't any service listening on that port.
Oh nice, thanks
I have plesk installed, anyone knows if there i can check which port is open ?
Or which scanner i should use
scanned with nmap and 143 port is open, any other suggestions I should check ?
as bounce server hostname i have my email server address, same as my delivery server
Solved: stupid postfix error :)

settings by default:
myorigin =
mydomain =

Changed these to
myorigin =
mydomain =

And started working