Bounce server and others


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Hi all, i successfully installed mailwizz and set up amazonses server as delivery servers.

next, i think i should set bounce servers and feedback loop servers.

Bounce servers;
I am using gmail business email for the email that i am sending (
how can i set the settings in bounce server page?

I am asking because i didnt fully understand:
Some of the servers, like gmail for example, are very slow if you use a hostname(i.e: If that's the case, then simply instead of the hostname, use the IP address.
@teltel - use amazon ses web api as the delivery server type and mailwizz will handle bounce/complains/etc automatically for you ;)
@teltel - it doesn't matter the email because when you add a delivery server of type amazon-ses-web-api, then amazon notifies your mailwizz app everytime when an email bounces and then mailwizz takes proper action.
yes delete the bounce server and make sure you create the right delivery server type.