Bounce rules issue


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Hy guys,
i'have some issue to set this bounce rules as soft / hard bounce from mw ( as per my customer request ) :

Below some ISP replies
smtp; 552 5.2.0 3RJ62100F0SXFrm01RJ6F6 rilevato spam / spam detected
smtp; 552 5.2.0 3RGB210071kBuL201RGB6E rilevato spam / spam detected
smtp; 552 5.2.0 3RBB2100822KK3m01RBBPR rilevato spam / spam detected

I have added into my rules-custom-override.php this settings :
'/sender is blacklisted/i',
'/rilevato spam/i',
'/spam detected/i',

but none of them work I expect . ( NB: I have also inserted the same rules into rules.php and changed the behavior of BounceHandler.php from internal to SOFT )
If I try the rules with rules.test.php if get marked as HARD / SOFT bounce but, in really, we get only INTERNAL bounce in MW bounce processing ( from BOUNCE stats )
Have yo any idea how to correctly change the bounce behavior ?
@nemesis82 - yeah but in reality this is what you want for this reply, you will want an internal bounce.
It is not a soft or hard bounce because the email address exists, the problem is that the remote server does not accept emails from your smtp server, if you send via another smtp server it might accept it, this is why it falls in the internal bounces category.
Remember, internal bounces are bounces which are caused by the infrastructure you're using, not because of the subscriber.