Bounce not working?

If this is a smtp delivery server, did you setup a bounce server and associated it with the delivery server?
if not, what delivery server type is it ?
Ok, now few things to check:
1. Check and see if the bounce server is still active (not cron-running status)
2. Check the application log from backend > misc > application log and look for: "IMAP" (ctrl + f in browser and type IMAP). Do you find anything?
3. Is the cronjob for bounce handling added ?
1. How to check bounce server is active?
2. Not found IMAP within application log
3. What's the cronjob for bounce handling? I only added cronjob provided when installing..
Bounce now working, do i need to delete bounce that appear? Hard, INTERNAL, soft? Do u know why opted in email also can be bounced?