Bounce not working


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I can't makes it work... I've set an imap user on my server and set it up to bounce in Mailwizz. I've checked setup of the mail, it is ok. I can access it via a mail client.
But when I send a campaign, the bad emails (I setup one are still in the list, not blacklisted. And I have no bounce logs on backend... :-(

I've sent a mail to the bounce email, I can get it with imap
I've checked the email sent by MW, I can find the header:

X-Mw-Tracking-Did: 0
X-Mw-Subscriber-Uid: aq6040hzgb24d
X-Mw-Mailer: SwiftMailer - @SWIFT_VERSION_NUMBER@
X-Mw-Delivery-Sid: 1
X-Mw-Customer-Uid: rj3793hpjk10e
X-Mw-Customer-Gid: 1
X-Mw-Campaign-Uid: mh183q58w28e8
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By the way, I noticed that you have the same problem as me with the "@SWIFT_VERSION_NUMBER@".

I guess it's a cosmetic bug since spam detection system doesn't care about this header.

is it in any way beneficial to keep it that way
"X-Mw-Mailer: SwiftMailer - @SWIFT_VERSION_NUMBER"
or would it be better if it would show the currently used version number?