Bounce & Feebback processing not processing old emails


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I checked my bounce email and find out that my bounce processing behaving like this.
1. Its processing current (today) bounces & Feedbacks properly without any issue.
but in same mail box there is around 500 old bounces and feedback loops emails unread, but bounce processor did't read them or remove them.
It only read , process the current (today emails) and then remove them.
Even my cron Job is processing bounces every 5 mins properly without any error.
I also try to run few times bellow command manually in SSH

php {path}/apps/console/console.php bounce-handler
php {path}/apps/console/console.php feedback-loop-handler

and it finish without any error, but still old emails are there in INBOX and did't get processed.
How to make MW read all emails in MailBox not only today i am still using

@AHK - The only way to make the app look for older bounces, is to open apps/common/vendors/BounceHandler/BounceHandler.php and look for "public $processDaysBack = 3;" and make it "public $processDaysBack = 10;" or whatever number of days you wish to look back.