Bounce cron



The bounce cron doesn't seem to be executing and i'm not sure where to find the error log.

If i run the run manually: php -d safe_mode=off -q /var/www/mailblaze_control/apps/console/console.php bounce-handler

There is no output?

Where can i check where the output log?
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Im having the same issue. how can i see that the bounce-handler is actually running as it seems like its crashing all the time. it keeps saying 'cron-running' and no bounces are being record.

i tried verbose=1 but nothing

please advise.
this is currently effecting one install i have for that is correct but I think I found the issue

the bounce server and the MW server were on opposite sides of the world - around 300ms ping time between them. i copied the inbox contents to a closer server and it works right away. i think the bounce handlers was timing out to or taking to long or just running REALLY slowly but output from the bounce-handler would assist is fixing such issues.