Bounce back reason

Ben Griffiths

New Member

I've upgrade to the latest version, however now when I look into when something has bounced back it seems to have removed all the server feedback and replaced this with BOUNCED BACK.

Is there a way to change this back?
We are experiencing the same issue, a lot of bounces are coming with BOUNCED BACK log.
Problem is, the majority of these bounced addressess are either good (existing), or set as catch-all, so they shouldn't bounce either way.
With the new Blacklist Monitor feature we manage to automatically delete these from the global blacklist, but emails are still bouncing.

So, what does BOUNCED BACK mean exactly?
BOUNCE BACK is when the email has bounced bout the actual reason cannot be detected by the bounce handler, so it is a generic message.
we receive this log most frequently from last versions, and we are sure many of that emails with Bounced Back are valid
@Diego - this does not apply for web apis, only for smtp servers.
@Niko - can you check the bounce box (the email box) and see particular reason for why the emails returned to you?