Bounce aren't processed


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Hy guys,
from yesterday I've noticed that my bounces are not processed, with verbose parameter I get a locked bounce server

[2022-06-16 14:47:36] - Seems that server ID 12 is already locked and processing.
[2022-06-16 14:47:36] - Finished processing server ID 12.

On the same server there are other users that works without any issue.
I've also rebooted the server and from backend->emergency action--> executed the command for bounce server.

There is a lock that I could safely remove ?
Simplest fix is to open /apps/common/models/BounceServer.php and at line 756 you have:
$mutexKey = sha1('imappop3box' . serialize($this->getAttributes(['hostname', 'username', 'password'])));
Make it:
$mutexKey = sha1('imappop3box_v1' . serialize($this->getAttributes(['hostname', 'username', 'password'])));
and save the file, it will then start processing.

Alternatively, you can simply delete the mutexes, but only when no campaigns are running:
great @twisted1919 .
deleting mutex not taken any result but changing BounceServer.php solved the issue.
Could I take this file modified or not ?

thanks for your help !!