Bounce API mailjet


As far as i know, with mailjet you could configure an email address to send the bounces to it.
Other than that, mailwizz doesn't have an API implementation for mailjet like it does for mailgun, mandrill, etc, so for now, the above is the only way to process bounces.
In future we might implement the mailjet web api if we get funds for it.
Hello, i'm also interested by mailjet integration, even with paid feature (they have subaccount management through api)
im looking to setup mailjet on mailwizz too. can i do this by choosing SMTP under create new delivery server in backend?
I just created a delivery server using the MailJet API. Testing it with one good address and one bad (hard bounce), the MailJet system immediately flagged the bad address. However, this is not reflected in our MailWizz database. That user is still reading confirmed, even though the bounce handler cron has run. Do I have to manually manage this?
@srqwebguy - did you check to see if the webhook has been created in your mailjet dashboard?
Go to mailwizz, to your delivery server and try to edit it, then clic the INFO icon in the edit screen and see the instructions.
Thanks. Going to the webhook link I get a blank page - no error, so I assume it is there. The status of the bad email did not change, however, so I may need more guidance.
Ok, I've done a little more digging on this. I have confirmed that the webhook is set up in MailJet's Event API. I ran a test for the bounce handler, and it came back affirmative. Nothing changed in my database, however.
I have confirmed that the webhook is set up in MailJet's Event API
That's fine, then it means mailwizz is ready to receive messages from mailjet and process them accordingly. You can do another test, or you can give it a bit of time since mailjet doesn't post the notifications instantly.
Perfect, if no luck, please open a support ticket and include backend url and login to your app so i can have a look ;)