Blank email sending / yahoo issue?


ive had a couple people with emails reply saying that my email was sent blank... all my testing shows the emails are sending fine...

any suggestions? or known issues?!?!

hi @twisted1919 thanks for your reply... sorry but what exactly is a blocker? and why would it only be for yahoo (if this is in fact what is happening)

i have also tested this same campaign with no issues to my own inboxes (not yahoo)
Hi it seems that the HTML version was not sent for some reason in some cases.....
why would this happen?? any idea would be appreciated... i purchased and am using the EMA drag and drop editor software
@tizaj - Can you try without that drag and drop builder ? Maybe the html produced is bad and yahoo does not render it properly, so give it a try with only the wysiwyg editor (ckeditor that comes with mailwizz) and see how that goes.
If nothing works re html code, you can always try mailstyler ($) or free ExpressionWeb, even after a test email, which will give you the code from the result (even if drag&drop was used). Then compare a few things like html headers and nesting to some great templates as you can find them in the third party section.
This way you can get the "last wrinkles" out of your template ;)