Blacklist emails list upload not working


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I am trying to upload a Blacklist email list of 100K. I have a proper form of list in CSV which is required for MailWizz. When I try to upload the list it shows "Your file has been successfully queued for processing and you will be notified when processing is done!" But even after a few hours, nothing is changed no emails are uploaded.



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@realcomputerctc - This is happening because you have enabled option: Email blacklist CLI import enabled , the command line importer(CLI) is used to queue import files to be processed from the command line instead of having users wait for the import to finish in the browser.
Please note that in order for the command line importer to work, after you enable it, you need to add the cron job for this task. Please see the info message from Backend > Settings > Import/Export > Email blacklist CLI import enabled > Press info button and read instruction from this setup.
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