blacklist api

ali su

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hi you all

i have use mailwizz now for about 2-3 years time now and i love it
it is stable just you run it on SSD "bigger setup"
well my problem is that i use scripts to look in the mail server logs to sort out what i
will like to blacklist and from there i make a .csv file where it just have
is there a api for import from the command line so i can make it all auto
so i not need to do a manuel import ?

the .csv file look like that here.

@ali su - Mailwizz already can help you with this, you can enable blacklist import from command line from backend > settings > import/export, see:
Screenshot 2018-10-05 10.12.25.png
You will notice that you have to add a cron job to auto import this. You can also run that command from comand line to import manually when you wish to ;)