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It is possible to configure for each customer his own blacklist?
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this make a big problem to all my customers,
i give you an example :
if "" was subscribed in the same time in customer one and customer two,if he make unsubscribe to customer 1
there is not obligatory to unsubscribe to customer two,
so we make to obtain a solution by a future update or help me by personalized solution
Blacklist is global and its for Hard Bouces that are global as well, not only for customer X.
I give 2 thumbs up on this option :)
is the Email Blacklist the same as the FBL reports or not? if its not then thats good as emails from FBL reports shouldnt be on the global email blacklist but on the specific customer suppression list
good good (Y)

thought it would be great to make it clear for others :)

hopefully at some point we will be able to see client reports on the backend. so we can identify potential spammers (ex allow on global setting xx amount of SPAM complaints per account/customer so our abuse team can digg into it further and try to educate the costumer or evict them as a client.
There is one little issue with FBL and Blacklisting) Some people just marks all letters as SPAM, even first confirmation letter, then subscribe again and again. Such people must go in blacklist.
@Vitaliy Eremenko
blacklist per customer account is the industry standard on ESP`s and not the global blacklist via admin

and to separate the 2.
1. Suppression List (per customer account)
2. Blacklist (for Admin)

also on admin blaclist area we need to be able to suppress domains in the format: @domainname.tld

there are thousands of disposable domains/emails out there and we need to be able to suppress those domains (domains that people use to sign up for free to get newsletters, products etc and as an esp if you send emails to will never get delivered to real inboxes)
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Something like 10minutesmail? yeah, good idea to block such domains.
And maybe tech accounts that normally shouldn't be used for subscribing, like info@, admin@, support@... etc
correct and without showing the import results after user imports their lists via Lists >> List >> Tools >> Import on customers area
Oh, we just not allowing to import subscribers (except exported from our service as a backup).
It's a usually very bad idea to allow customers to import they lists - it's like 90% that he is a spammer)))
It's a usually very bad idea to allow customers to import they lists - it's like 90% that he is a spammer)))

not 100% true as many people just want to move to alternative esp`s avoiding the excessive fees some esp`s have.

we just need to be able to identify the good ones vs the bad ones.
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In that case we're suggesting them to resubscribe users. It's additional list cleaning process, that may be useful.
Anyway this situation totally depends on your customers. If you can trust them, it won't be problem to import their lists. But in our case it's not an option.
either way you cant trust anyone until you see their lists.
we use separate smtps (own smtp servers - currently 158 with each having between /25 and /19 ranges)

all new clients get on the Untrusted group of clients and assigned to related delivery servers.
once we have seen that they are following best email marketing practices then we move them to the VIP Groups/Delivery servers when they can enjoy 99.8% inboxing.
Good solution))
How many emails you're sending a day with such installation?
And what way of processing emails (plain smtp, local pickup, redis)?
We're testing different methods now for increasing sending speed. Stuck at 3-4k per minute per server.