Best settings with Amazon Ses Web Api Delivery Server?

Matteo Russo

New Member
Hi, i'm using an Amazon Ses Web Api Delivery Server, with a limit about

Sending Quota:
send 50500 emails per 24 hour period

what are right settings for server and general options for mailwizz to send to maximum velocity? can you attach some screenshots?

it was really slow... about 2k per hour, and very often i must press "resume" sending.

Can you tell me more about the server where mailwizz is hosted?
What else runs there? Is this a vps or shared hosting? How about server specs(ram/cpu/hdd)?

Related to speed, 2k/hr is damn slow, upgrading to latest version will help you a lot in this area in case you have the pcntl extension available on your server.

I've the version, and mailwizz running on a shared hosting.
into php.ini i don't see anything related to "pcntl extension".
Install it yourself or ask your host to do it for you.

If you're using CentOS, yum install php-cli, php55w-cli or php-pcntl (which should contain pcntl).