backup manager white screen (and zero per cent 'bounce rate')

I have noticed two problems which may be related or separate. I am not sure when these problems first happened.

First the backup manager seems to have disappeared. I reloaded it (I have paid for the license), but it shows just a blank white screen when I try to update settings and check history.

As well, I've noticed that the "Bounce Rate" on all emailings is at Zero -- way too low, obviously. Superficially all the settings appear in order.

I've tried clearing caches and changing browsers, etc, and the problem remains.

As noted above, I'm not sure exactly when these problems started, in part because it seems otherwise Mailwizz is fully operational. I was going to upgrade to version i when I noticed the backup wasn't operating. Obviously it is wise that I get to the bottom of these issues and make sure there is proper backup before I start with the upgrade.