Backup Manager - errors and S3 connection


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Odd things have been happening w/ the backup manager lately.
  1. I get an error email every time the backup manager runs (see below), even though upon checking in my server directory, the backups are being created and are unzippable.
    Screenshot 2020-10-26 100839.png
  2. The Backups tab in MW has stopped showing me the backups. I can only see them by manually checking the server directory, since each backup is now in its own unique 10-digit folder (rather than just a single zip).
  3. My rule of only keeping 6 backups as per the settings has stopped working. The directory with the backup subfolders keeps growing unless I manually delete older backups.
  4. I've set up an Amazon S3 connection with the required details. However the backups are never sent to S3. The selected bucket doesn't contain any of the backups since its creation. They still only go to the local server directory. Do I have to change the path under "settings" to reflect the S3 destination, too? Is there a way of testing that the S3 location is accessible to the Backup Manager?